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July 1, 2009

Hello world!

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Funny thing about the statement “Hello world” that WordPress apparently assigns to everyone’s first blog entry, it’s the same thing you commonly use as your first statement when learning a new programming language.  Maybe I’ll one day get back on teaching myself all the things I’ve forgotten since my Computer Science minor days in college, but for now we’ll settle with getting back to blogging.

Why am I blogging, you might ask.  Well, it’s been said that “writers write.”  Since I–at some level–consider myself a writer, I figured it’s high time I get back to it.  Plus, I hope to use my own blogging to motivate me to be better about reading the blogs of my friends who also have wonderful things to say out there in the blogosphere…or would that be in here?  At any rate, I have outgrown the style and body of work I leave behind at  (Please don’t hold anything you may read there against me.  Those were much different times, I only reference it at all because there is an artistic imperative within me that drives me to expose my work.  It may likely be deleted soon anyway.)

You can look forward to observations on life, theological insights, political rants, introspective ramblings, etc.  You’ll be happy to not see any angst filled adolescent (or adolescent-like) drama.  I look forward to writing them. Welcome to my blog on WordPress.

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