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August 5, 2009

What’s in a Name?: A Blog in Transition

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What’s in a name? If you are wondering why my blog is entitled “A Blog in Transition,” then 1) I hope you are only wondering about it as a way of taking a break from pondering much greater things, and 2) You are about to have your curiosities satisfied.

In part, the reason is very simple. I had to call it something. The default was “Just another WordPress blog.” Now, I don’t usually strive for impressive labels, but that was far too bland a thing to be. Nobody wants to be “just another” anything. It’s not even self-debasing; that would be something. To call it “Thoroughly Average and Uninteresting” would have earned more style points. It had to be something more than the default, so it became “A Blog in Transition.”

I almost said, “it ended up…” but that’s not right. Actully, that’s just the point. It hasn’t ended up anything. It really is in transition. The name will potentially change, so in that sense the name fits for now.

It’s early in this blog’s life, and I’m not entirely sure what will become of it. Things being what they are right now, you may have noticed posting has been somewhat irregular. My schedule is irregular, and we don’t pay for internet at The Container. If/When I get a job and/or we move, I hope things will get a bit more consistent. For the time being, my blog–like myself–is in a state of transition.

Of course, There is also a sense in which this blog will always be “A Blog in Transition.” “In” in the sense of transition is the topic of the blog, rather than the condition of the blog. (English is a fun language.) Life is a transition, and my transit through life, or the transit of my life, will obviously come out in the writings found here.

It’s good for me to remember that life is a transition. At times, I think I’ve fallen into the trap of thinking, “When I get a real job, then I’ll have arrived.” That isn’t any more true than it was of getting married, graduation (any of the three), or any other of the host of things I–and all of you too, if your honest–have looked or am looking forward to. This kind of reminder helps to shake off some of the effects of what I call spiritual inertia. (Side note:Spiritual inertia is that force that tends you toward doing the same things you’ve always done in spite of the fact that you know there is more–or in some cases less–that you ought to be doing regarding spiritual discipline. [Side-Side note: Spiritual friction is that force that tends you to regress on the progress you have made in spiritual discipline until all growth stops and you barely resemble a Christ-follower. Maybe I’ll blog more about this in a later post.]

Where this idea comes into play here is that when we look ahead and see some milestone approaching–the certainty or uncertainty matters not–we tend to push things to the other side of it. Hey, I know I’ve done it. Try this, have you ever said, to yourself or to someone else: “I know I should ________, but when _________ then I’ll _________ for sure”? The point is, apply this to yourself as you will, I won’t instantly become more godly or disciplined or organized by virtue of having a job.

In fact, there will be one more thing to deal with. Well, in my case it might actually make for a net loss in things to deal with: a real job means the bills get paid without late-night Village Photographers events or all-day and/or night spent working for EOG on gamedays. However, the time investment into whatever is next will surely be more substantial than whatever gets dropped. I used to think I was busy in college. I really was busy in seminary (under-employment is way easier than seminary), but I still had enough free time to stay sane and find a wife. I’m sure life will get busier wherever God leads me next. And I’m even more certain that it’ll get WAY busier when c-h-i-l-d-r-e-n enter the picture (which I’m totally looking forward to, don’t get me wrong).

I guess all this has been to say that I know things are going to be changing soon. And more than that, I realize that things will constantly be changing throughout life. Someone once said, “The only constant is change.” (Google it if you’re curious, inform the rest of us if you do.) He was close. The Most High God is also a constant. As I’m thinking about what’s to come, a Scripture verse comes to mind. “Many are the plans in the heart of a man, but it is the Lord who directs his steps.” It’s somewhere in the wisdom literature; I’d look it up, but I haven’t re-installed E-Sword yet and it’s not worth it to go track it down the old fashioned way.

Whatever transitions God has in store for you, I hope you meet them well with, by, and in His grace.

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