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September 1, 2009

Job Hunt: It Is Finished!

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It Is Finished!

I’m hired. Or in Chirstianese, I’ve been called to a church. It’s been a long hunt, and now it’s over. On Sunday night August 30, 2009, Liberty Baptist Church in the Friendship Community of Tallassee, AL voted unanimously to call me, Paul E. Caspers, to be their new part-time youth pastor.

At 6:30ish, the pastor called to tell me. He even put me on speaker phone and held his phone up to the mic so I could thank the congregation. It was very surreal. …It still is a little bit. Now I have to figure out what to do.

They currently have one lady teaching on Wednesday night, another teaching on Sunday night, and a 21 year old guy (who has huge potential as a leader and will be both partner and mentoree) about to start teaching the youth Sunday School class.

The story of how all this came about is sort of interesting. A friend’s dad heard from his friend that Liberty was maybe thinking about possibly hiring a part-time youth minister. My friend’s dad called and asked me for my info to pass on to his friend. A few days later, that friend called me, and I sent him my resume. A couple of weeks after that, we arranged for Jessica and I to go have dinner with the friend and his wife. A few days later, they called back and arranged for us to have dinner and a talk with the whole youth committee and the pastor (Jess turned out not to able to make it because she was puking her guts out, but she insisted that I go). After that, we set the date for me to preach at the morning church service on Aug. 30, and to have some meet and greet time with the youth the Wednesday night before. Things went well that Wednesday night. Because of some technical difficulties and an extra song on Sunday morning, I went up to preach later than usual. Therefore, my only slightly (IMHO) too long 42 minute sermon didn’t end until 12:20–a solid 10-20 minutes over in Liberty-time. Still, the majority of people told me they enjoyed the sermon, and nobody said anything negative to me at all. Plus, they all voted for me that night, like I said. The other angle on this story is that there was another guy whose name and info came to the church at the same time mine did, but his wife got pregnant and they needed to be somewhere full-time because of it.

You can help me out by lifting me up in prayer, because I’ve rarely felt so at a loss for what to do as I do now. I don’t want to go in and rearrange everything, but they’ve hired me to lead and to me that means (among many other things) both teaching and planning stuff. They’ve been doing all their planning by committee (with little success at making much happen, as it’s been reported to me), so THAT should be a relatively easy thing to take over. But, like I said, they have 3 people teaching already…4 if you count the pastor’s wife who does a missions focus night once a month. Not that I expect any major struggle, because thus far the support for me coming has been so univocal.

The first major hurdle for me is just going to be learning everyone’s name. God help me. God help us all.

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