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June 15, 2010

Recentish Stuff

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Well, I just looked back at my last post.  It hasn’t been THAT long, but much transitioning has occurred.  We have moved.  We’re not totally “moved in” yet, but it’s even more livable than it was when we bought it.

In the bedroom, we’ve painted, laid new carpet, moved our bedroom furniture into the room,  and hung some semi-shwanky curtains (TJ Max: $7 each=deal).  We even busted out a comforter that’s been unopened since our wedding (two years, for those keeping count).

We’ve got the “great room” (our living room/dining room combo), more or less like we like it.  There’s still a bunch of extra stuff in it, but the main furniture and makeshift entertainment center (actually a coffee table and end table combo) are where they are staying for the foreseeable future.  We haven’t painted the great room yet, that’s a big task that will include much sanding, painting not only the walls but the ceiling as well (perhaps even untexturizing [a pox on you squiggly line, that should totally be a word] the ceiling…somebody got a little overzealous with the plaster up in here), installing new baseboards, and will likely serve as the best chance to put a major cleaning on our fabulous parquet floor.  We did find an AMAZING 8’x12′ rug at the Wetumpka Lowes for under $70; that’s a crazy-go-nuts deal on that much quality floor covering for those of you who haven’t been rug shopping in a while (I think it was originally priced at around $160).  It was nice to find it there too because we were actually there on our second trip looking at carpet for the bedroom, but the “while supplies last” had run out of the clearance priced stuff we were interested in just like it had on our first trip.  (Note:  While I was typing above, my cat tried to puke on our nice rug.  I was able to get him to the parquet, but not all the way to the kitchen tile.)

The bathrooms are serviceable, but not much more.  The kitchen is as it will be for quite a while, with the exception of the refrigerator still not fitting under the cabinets yet.  I might get on that next week…maybe.   The new washer and dryer are in (THANKS Papa and Nana!!!), but I need to hang Jessica’s requested shelf over them.   The nursery is still somewhat filled with random stuff, much of which needs to go to my study.  My study is not yet fully functional, which explains 1) why I still have stuff in the nursery, and 2) why I’m sitting in a recliner in the living room posting this and not at my desk.

I’ve mowed the lawn 1.9 times.  The first time it took me 6 hours solid, and that is not counting time for lunch and water breaks.  That included chopping  through between 5 and 15 feet of kudzu around 3/4 of the perimeter of the yard.  The second time, yesterday, I pushed myself to the verge of heat stroke, but had the good sense to stop.  Note for the future: Don’t mow your massive yard all at once when it’s 98 degrees outside.  I’d like to have finished it this morning, but Jess and I are headed to Auburn in just over an hour, and I’ve got stuff to get ready before we go…so it’s not likely to happen today.

We sold The Container (that’s our old trailer).  In fact, we had a buyer the night before we closed on the house (I think I’m remembering that right), and they moved it out the following Tuesday (it rained on Monday).  PTL!

We survived  Vacation Bible School 2010.  Jessica taught the “pre-K and kindergarten” class, which included a range in ages from an old-2 to a young 7.  They averaged around 14 each night, I think.  I taught the youth, obviously.  We had either 6 or 7 most nights.  That’s not counting the 7 who were helpers in other classes.  There might be a VBS recap post coming soon…or not, we’ll see.  For now, we’re capping off our BBQ chicken fundraiser on Friday, looking forward to Student Life @ Orange Beach, and then to the Alabama Baptist Convention’s Youth Evangelism Conference.  I hope little Paul Fitzgerald Caspers (not a final choice, just seeing how it looks in print) stays in his mommy’s belly through all the stress and excitement.

Jessica is always in transition.  One moment she’s excited, the next she’s anxious, the next she’s crying because she thinks I’m mad at her because she’s anxious, then she’s just tired and/or hungry.  Speaking of hungry, I am.  This is where we’ll stop for today.

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