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August 5, 2010

The Tragic Comedy of Rape

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It all started with this:
Woman Wakes up to Find Intruder in Her Bed

…That started getting re-posted, commented on etc. until it was the #1 video on YouTube.

Then came this (and others like it)…
BEST Don’t Hate Reupload Remix

That was fun… Then, I remembered that it all started because somebody tried to rape a woman.  So I feel bad for Kelly Dodson that her tragedy has turned into Antoine’s instant fame.  I also feel sad for our culture because we are all so desensitized to evil that (1) the editor for that news program thought it was a good idea to include so much of Antoine in the two-minute story, (2) the internet population elevated the clip to viral status, and (3) many others have made goofy little music videos out of it.

There is a rapist on the loose in Huntsville, AL…and we laugh.

Then there’s this:
Overnight Internet Sensation Reacts to New-Found Fame

Forgive my confusion, but did she say that Antoine is the victim?  Because I think it was Kelly Dodson that was in the process of getting raped who is the victim here. Thank you, Antoine for fighting him off. Weird as it feels to say it, Antoine is the hero; he’s not the victim.

And I’m not saying that he doesn’t have the right to say whatever he wants to say.  I’m just wondering if that same story could have been covered with more focus on Kelly than her…um…unique…yeah, unique brother.

Oh, wait:
Family Reacts to Finding Intruder in Sister’s Bed

I confess, the first time I saw Antoine, I laughed a little inside.  Then, I remembered that the occasion for his ranting was the attempted rape of his sister.  It stopped being funny.  Perhaps what I don’t understand most about this is how so many of my Christian friends–not just church goers, but mature Christians who practice spiritual disciplines and teach others and share the Gospel–are yucking it up with the rest of the world.  I guess this is what conformity looks like.  I repent.

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