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October 19, 2010

Current Status of Change

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My son is now over two months old. He sleeps pretty well, only needing one middle of the night feeding on his best nights. That doesn’t necessarily mean Mommy and Daddy are sleeping well, but we do O.K. most nights. He’s growing well. He’s very long (would be tall, but he can’t stand yet) and rather slim, which is a bit surprising looking at his parents today. With his big blue eyes and lack of an abundance of hair, he looks a lot like me. I was hoping to put a beard on him for Halloween so that he would look like me, but we’ve been handed down an amazing lobster costume that we simply must use. He’s smiling and “talking” as well as growing more alert and able to focus on things at a distance every day. I love him. He is my son.

The leaves are starting to turn as they do every October. And just like every October, I’m a year older. Thirty, that’s a whole new decade. It’s not old. It seemed old last year. It looks old when I let my hair get long enough to see all the gray (or grey…whichever you like). It feels old when I go too quickly from rest to action. But as I was breaking a sweat working on my basketball and volleyball skills the other night after youth group, it didn’t feel that old–just a little out of practice. It seems old when I watch “reality” TV competitions and realize the contestants are mostly younger than me, but then I look around at the people I live around and worship with and realize more people are older than me than younger. I hope I’m not just getting older but actually growing more mature. There is some evidence for and against that hope, but I’ll not get into that here.

I’m learning how to play the guitar. I think the youth will engage in singing praises better if they are singing with live music rather than singing with songs from my laptop. It’ll also be easier to teach someone how to play specific songs if I know how to play them myself. It’s going pretty well…just slowly. I’m hoping it speeds up since I’ve found some helpful how-to videos on YouTube (what did people do before YouTube? …that’s right, we paid people to teach us stuff).

I need to mulch the fallen leaves into my grass. I need to get back to cleaning and organizing my study. I need to work harder and more passionately for my youth because they belong to Christ…or (in the case of some) so that they might belong to Christ. I need to get back to getting off my hindquarters and getting rid of much of the rest of my “quarters,” but that’s coming along, albeit slowly. So much is needed, but I’m glad to see the transition continue.

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