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November 25, 2011

Office Depot: Not Taking Care of Customers

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I just sent the following comments to Office Depot in light of my Black Friday experience there this morning.

I was a door buster at the 1761 MONTGOMERY HIGHWAY, Hoover, AL location. My wife and I arrived about 30 minutes before doors opened at 6. When we entered the line, we were asked what we were there to get and my wife said we were there for the 2TB Seagate external Hard Drive and a 16 GB SD card. We were told that these were not voucher items and given a list of where to find sale items in the store.

We waited, doors opened, we were greeted pleasantly, everybody entered. When we got to the display for the hard drives, nothing marked the special, and the placard that matched the sale paper had a tag that said “See Associate for Assistance” (or something like that), so my wife found an associate. When we told him what we were looking for, another customer said “Grab two while you’re back there.” The associate went to look for the item and discovered that this store had none of the 2TB hard drives.

Meanwhile, I had the Assistant Store Manager, Van, help me find the SD card. Since he had to look up which one it was on the computer, I had him check the hard drive again. The system again said that there was an inventory of 0 in stock, and on the screen there was a button to check other locations.

I expressed some frustration to Van, the Assistant Store Manager, that it’s wrong for a store to advertise a sale on items they don’t have. Van indicated that this was a common problem with Office Depot, that (at this store at least) they often didn’t receive the inventory they needed to meet demands. I don’t think Van got the point, but I assured Van that my problem wasn’t with him personally.

My problem isn’t that I wasn’t one of the lucky few who got the deal. NO ONE got the deal. Your company lied to me, the other guy who wanted one, and everyone else in this part of Birmingham. I heard it straight from two of your employees that the main item I wanted to purchase wasn’t in stock when the store opened.

What’s worse, is that absolutely no attempt was made to remedy the situation. Van didn’t offer to check the other locations on the computer, Van didn’t apologize for not having what we came in for, there was no offer to order one and let us pick it up later or have it delivered.

I put the SD card down, and we walked out.

By the time we made it to Office Max, they were sold out of the same item. They, however, had a table where all there [I realize this shoud be their] biggest sale items had actually been. I also got confirmation from three of their employees that they did have them in stock; one very nice employee showed us where she had marked it off her sale paper when they had sold out of them.

As I told Van, I will not be coming back to Office Depot. I do not like the way you take care of business.

Please respond ONLY if you will make good on the offer of $69.99 for a 2 TB Seagate external hard drive.

Let me hear your thoughts. Is this an appropriate response? As a Christian, should I just suffer the injustice? Do I have no cause to try to help Office Depot correct their failures? I know if I were in charge of a company that was failing the consumer, that’s something I would WANT to get feedback on.

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