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February 23, 2012

Lent just began, and I’m already a day behind…

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First off, I’m a Southern Baptist. That means that I don’t get to participate fully in the Church calendar, so don’t hate me for doing Lent in a non-traditional way. I’m glad to join in the fasting fun at all.

Second, this is only half of what I’m trying to do for Lent. I’m also giving up tasty breakfast. I didn’t say I’m giving up breakfast (it’s the most important meal of the day), but I’m having plain, unsweetened oatmeal everyday for Lent (not counting Sundays). It’s actually already driven me to be deeply grateful that I have anything to eat at all; praise the Lord that I get to choose what I eat.

And so finally, and this really is the point of the post, I’ll be posting something to my blog every day of Lent. Sometimes it’ll probably be serious, some days it’ll be light-hearted, a few will likely be something I hastily dash off at the close of the day just for the sake of self-discipline. At any rate, I’m trying to make Lent not just 40 days of going without something, but also 40 days of pushing forward in adding something.

I hope that as I provoke myself to express my thoughts I’ll also be provoking thoughts of others. So there you go, or here I go, or whatever.


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