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October 30, 2012

Prospective Pastor Questionnaire – Part 2

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2. What do you consider are the areas of your pastoral strengths? Your weaknesses?

I would say that I’m pretty strong at preaching, teaching, strategic planning, vision casting, serving in unnoticed ways, and keeping a close watch on my doctrine.

My weaknesses are that I need more practice in ongoing sermon preparation, I sometimes forget to deal with details in a timely manner because I’m looking too far ahead, I don’t always receive unsolicited criticism well, my humor is sometimes perceived as arrogance, and I lack discipline in how I order my time.

As far as ordering my time goes, I think this is largely due to the fact that my schedule is currently too flexible for my own good, and I’ve got too many irregular side jobs. I actually expect this to be less of a problem when I have more that needs doing on a regular basis. Much of my weakness comes from my relative youth in the ministry, but that also comes with a potential for greater things to come over the years yet available to me.

One more strength is that I’m pretty self-aware. Other than my wife, I really am my toughest critic. (That’s not a jab at my wife. She helps me see my blind-spots, and I am grateful to her for it, though not always immediately so–see weakness 3.) In fact, I’d list my wife among my pastoral strengths, too.

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