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January 23, 2014

Pain in My…

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Something went wrong in my neck back in June 2013, which manifested itself as pain that began in my shoulder but had developed into pain/numbness/tingling down my entire right arm–from shoulder to fingers–by September. It was getting better through chiropractic care, until some unknown action caused a full blown herniation of one of the discs in my neck in late October or early November. That left me in constant pain–bearable if still, severe if trying to do much of anything, and excruciating if I made a wrong move.

And like so, I switched to a general practitioner who got me on pain meds and referred me to a neurosurgeon. I gave at-home-traction a try, but ultimately ended up getting a vertebral fusion. I’ve been in recovery mode for seven weeks as of today. Sadly, that means that I’m probably not going to get much better than I am, which is bad because I’m not great.

Hopefully, the neurosurgeon will have good news when I go back to see him on Monday. As it stands, two of my fingers and the back of my forearm are still partly numb, my incision site still feels funny (forgive the technical terminology), I get tired easily, and it often feels like someone is pressing a hot rock into my back but not in a good way. Your ongoing prayers are appreciated.

This was part of a different post, but it ruined the line of thought to keep it there. Chances are good that I’ll be mining these last couple months for all sorts of thoughtful gold, and that’s why wanted to go ahead and post this without any additional commentary.

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