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September 8, 2011

So the last time I posted was in March…

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It’s been too long. I have shown a terrible lack of discipline in my posting. That’s kind of funny…no, not funny. That’s sad because I’ve been preaching the need for devotion and discipline to my youth for months now. A few people have told me they enjoy my writing (one is a man who reads dozens–if not hundreds–of books a year, so he would know what’s what when it comes to a good read), and this is a talent I need to cultivate if there is a chance that I might impart some blessing to my readers and glorify my God in it.

This blog isn’t the only place I write. I’ve had a couple of articles in the Tallassee Tribune‘s Religion section as a member of the Tallassee Ministerial Alliance. One of these days, I’ll post the original articles here–“original” meaning as they were written before I had to cut them down to 450-ish words. I’ve also done a little more writing on my vampire book. That’s right, it’s going to be a Christian vampire book. Let me disambiguate that: it’s going to be a novel about vampires from a Christian worldview; you cannot have a Christian vampire. Curious how that works? You’ll have to wait and read it when it comes out. Fine. If I can get a solid first chapter, then I’ll post it on here.

The vampire book is an idea that’s been rolling around in my head since the first Twilight movie came out. That’s were I keep far too much of my writing, in my head. I get some pretty great ideas and form some pretty amazing lines of thought/argument/reasoning, but then I get out of the shower, off the toilet, out of the bed, etc., and they’re gone. They come back to mind for more ruminating occasionally, but they get the full fleshing out of either pen or keyboard far too seldom.

And thus we have this post. This is that “I’ve been away for a while but now I’m back” that punctuates the blogs of we who let our blogs go fallow from time to time. My sister’s sister-in-law (which, in fact, does not make her my sister-in-law) has been posting a series of photographs with a little snippet of text on facebook* each day (I’m pretty sure she’s going for one a day) in September. That’s what made me think about hitting my blog again. I thought about waiting to start on October one, but waiting seemed quite self-defeating.

I’m shooting for one post a day. Prepare for some randomness, perhaps some full on stream of consciousness even. Let’s see how it goes.

*[You can put that squiggly, red line there all you want to, spell checker, but I’m not going to capitalize the “f” in facebook. If Zuckerberg wanted it capitalized, he would have capitalized it.]

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